Dead Trigger 3

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Apocalypse is an extremely scary event meaning the end of everything. Zombie apocalypse is even worse, only more fun. Just imagine that everyone around you have become soulless, reckless and carnivorous monsters, and you need to fight this evil by any possible means. That’s exactly what Dead Trigger is about! From the very beginning of the game we are thrown into the epicenter of what’s happening. The player must single-handedly fight off the crowd of the dead and escape to the shelter, and it, for security reasons, is closed until the zombies are full of lead and stop attacking. In the shelter, survivors tell how lucky you are and how glad they are to see a new warrior in their ranks. In the course of story missions, you have to help the survivors and discover new mutated types of zombies. And move up the career ladder: buy weapons and improve them, improve skills, kill zombie bosses.

Don’t think that all zombies are the same. There are both full and thin, there are very fast and extremely slow, there are tenacious and even armored. By the way, to kill the latter, you need to release a little more than one clip from AK 47 or 3-4 clips from a pistol. The plot, of course, in the game is more for show, but this does not make it boring and monotonous. The game has several main maps, within which there are story missions, and many locations for additional missions. These locations are randomly generated and based on maps for story quests. Even when you become an experienced player with a good trunk, you can never predict in which location an additional mission is to be completed. This is just the tip of the huge and creepy iceberg called Dead Trigger. Play this amazing zombie shooter online and discover the rest!