Stickman Death Park

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This is not the kind of park where you can ride a roller coaster and hear children’s laughter. It’s quite and desolate. Being here is actually rather creepy. But the scariest thing is that there is a psycho clown living here. People say he hunts and kills everyone who dares to step into the park. Driven by a thirst of adventures and the desire to check this city legend, you venture on its territory and start exploring the surroundings. There are plenty of discoveries and screamers waiting for you here. The location is huge, with a number of buildings to check out. Who knows what you are going to find inside? Maybe just a pile of rubbish. Or maybe some mysterious clues that will allow you to unravel the whole story and find out what really happened here… And, most importantly, who the hideous clown is. Solve the secret of the Death Park and beware of the killer with a painted face!