Death Park It Chapter 2

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What can be more fun and joyful than an amusement park? This is exactly the place both adults and children enjoy visiting. There is loud music playing, multi-colored lights blinking, plenty of smiling people and exciting rides that you can hop on more than once. In such a setting, it is easy to forget all your problems and plunge into the world of children’s spontaneity and happy pastime. You can whirl around on the carousel until you drop, take part in competitions at the shooting range in the hope of winning a plush toy or stuffing your stomach with pounds of cotton candy. But not in Death Park Horror.

In this terrible game, the action takes place at night, which means that the rides no longer work. The park has closed, visitors have dispersed, and the skeletons of swings and roller coaster look intimidating in the twilight. You have absolutely nothing to do here, you won’t even meet a sleepy watchman. None but a terrible clown. Nobody knows who he is, how he appeared and what he wants. But as soon as darkness descends on the park, this creature of hell crawls out of its den and wanders through the deserted territory in search of the lost victims. His goal is only one – to kill. And kill brutally. He is armed, and the painted smile on his face makes this meeting even more frightening. But before he sticks his dagger into you, he will tickle your nerves properly.

You will wander in a dark park, not knowing where to turn to avoid danger. In your hand you will only have a flashlight with which you can illuminate a small piece of the road in front of you. Of course, this won’t be enough to notice the threat in time. And it can hide anywhere. The vile clown will follow you on the heels, staying on the edge of your field of vision, sometimes making itself seen by a sudden appearance, after which he will disappear again, or an eerie laugh that will echo somewhere nearby. He will wait for a convenient moment when you will be completely helpless to deliver a decisive blow. Your task is to avoid this fate and stay alive as long as possible. After all, with the first rays of the sun the hellish clown will disappear and you will be safe. Play Death Park Horror and see if you can survive!