Into the Dead 3

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Running, trying to catch your breath. Falling, getting up, crossing over high wooden fences, panicky looking around, counting the cartridges, doing your best to hod up as long as possible … A new horror game called Into the Dead will tell you all about these animal instincts. The gameplay, at first glance, is extremely straightforward. The game itself includes a run mode for you. And little is required: to cope with a gyroscope or invisible virtual buttons, and then try to poke in time on the middle area of the screen, which is here on the right of the trigger for a weapon. Screaming, mooing and, presumably, foul-smelling zombies “make” almost the whole atmosphere. Of course, there are still corn fields fenced by a lawn fence, crashed helicopters, an ominous fog and an inaccessible forest.

The race begins and the countdown start. The more you ran without receiving a fatal slap from the decaying enemies the better. Zombies can only move forward, so we are only supposed to “strafe”. And if in the first meters the scarcely positioned carrion doesn’t cause concern, then closer to the same corn, horrifying creatures begin to stray into huge crowds that aren’t so easy to avoid. The only quick way out of this situation is a series of panic shots “from the hip”. But, of course, there are few rounds of ammunition, and getting to boxes is almost always uncomfortable. So the outcome of the race is completely up to your reflexes and tactical skills!