Death Park Mod APK

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In this new and scary horror game you’re going to find yourself in a huge desolate amusement park with a circus. Once it was brimming with visitors, but now it’s totally empty. There is not a single soul here except for a vicious clown. He is roaming the area and hunting everyone who dares to set foot here. Explore this gloomy place and gain access to more locations – a creepy hospital, murky basement and mysterious labyrinth full of dangers and riddles. To get out of here alive, you have to solve a series of tricky puzzles. Some of them will be quite easy, but only at the beginning. As you proceed further through the game, the tasks you have to deal with will become more and more difficult. You’ll have to search for various items and use them to unlock doors and enter the next room or passage. In the end, you need to try and find out what actually happened here and who the clown is. The story can have several different endings based on your decisions. The graphics is very realistic and the music can really make you feel the entire suspense of the events. Intense gameplay, terrifying atmosphere and suddens screamers will keep you on edge from the first seconds of Death Park Horror!