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If you are a fan of horrors and have already read all Steven King books or simply want to experience some acute emotions, we invite you to set out into a certain house with a bad and very dark reputation. No, that’s not because the dwellers throw loud parties late into the night. The person – or creature – living here does something much worse. It’s a scary clown dubbed Pennywise. People say he abducts little children and kills them feeding on their fear. Many brave ones tried to deal with him, but he has been sucking fear from his victims for many centuries and has turned into a very powerful enemy. Now it is your mission to put an end to this creepy being. Can you do this? Let’s find out! You’re going to swim through the sewers of the clown’s house on a paper ship, collect red balls and stay away from your terrible foe. He can jump out of any place at any minute and scare you to half-death. The atmosphere is horrifying even without him – you can hear spooky laughter, there are photos of lost children floating past you and the clown is definitely waiting nearby for the right moment to attack you. Stay on your guard, keep your head cool and pass the game to the end if you hope to defeat this evil being and save all the children from the grim fate!