Death Park: Scary Clown

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We are used to perceive clowns as harmless creatures that bring joy and smiles. These are the characters of almost any children’s party. Who would laugh better than a good clown with a red nose who shows different tricks and stumbles amusingly out of the blue to cause a burst of laughter among the audience? But not all clowns are the same. Among them there are those who only pretend to be friendly, but in fact cherish black plans – perhaps even someone else’s murder. Such is the clown from the game based on Stephen King’s novel “It”.

On the outside, this is an ordinary clown who performs in a circus. But behind the curtains, a smile leaves his face and he turns into a ruthless killer. The anti-hero of the game lures unsuspecting children into his liar, promising them a colorful show, and then brutally kills them. After all, children’s deaths bring him what he needs most – life energy. This clown is a kind of otherworldly creature, feeding on human fear. And therefore, in this game you need to maintain composure and in no case be afraid of anything that happens! After all, then the clown will feel where you are, and will come to kill you.

You will sail in a small boat through huge sewer pipes and blow up red balls that come across your way. That’s the whole gameplay, however, going through all the levels will not be easy. After all, your path will run through terrifying landscapes, and the clown will constantly remind you of his presence with eerie sounds. Try not to fall into his paws and dodge danger for as long as you can maneuvering between the obstacles on your little vessel!