Death Park Horror

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What do you think can go wrong on a regular trip to joy rides? The main character of this game won a ticket to the newly opened amusement park. He hurried there – and found himself in a real nightmare. Instead of fun carnival music he was surrounded by creepy instrumental motifs. Instead of mannequins there were real demons hunting him. And instead of fountains rivers of blood were streaming down the ground. Overcoming his fear, the hero will have to visit many nightmare attractions, avoiding traps and encounters terrible monsters, the most dangerous of them being a killer clown. You need to get out of this place before it’s too late!

What makes the game particularly interesting is that, in addition to physical health, you need to monitor the protagonist’s mental state, which decreases no less slowly. The slightest scare or screamer – and the guy presses his palms to his heart! And after the cherished band of health is through you’ll see the disappointing “Game Over.” Why is this happening? The answer is simple: traps. Every square meter of the location is populated by terrible traps: either a ghost jumps out of nowhere, or a demon attacks you from the twilight, or the floor falls through, or something breaks and falls on you and so on in a vicious circle. Traps are invisible, unpredictable, and in order to notice them, you must be very careful. If everything goes well, a trap found will add points to the amount of adrenaline or add a useful item to your inventory. If not, then trouble can’t be avoided.

All these elements make the gameplay very original and thrilling! The action unfolds across a variety of locations. Each one is a puzzle you have to solve to find your way out. And of course you should keep your eyes peeled for the clown who roams somewhere at arm’s length. He can show up any minute and try to kill you. You should be ready for this encounter if you hope to survive and make your way out of this death park!