IT Chapter 2

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Evil is cunning and inventive. It can lurk anywhere, even before our very nose, in a disguise we would never suspect to pose any danger. The master of horror stories, Steven King, once created a character that still thrills our minds – Pennywise the Dancing Clown, more commonly known as It. We can only guess who he really is. Perhaps some ominous supernatural creature that can be defeated only by mystical rituals? Or simply a maniac, just another cuckoo dude killing people because of his mental troubles? Those familiar with the story can give various answers. But in our game it’s not really important how the murderous clown appeared. It’s a much more pressing task to get rid of him. And you are going to take an active part in this!

But first let’s remember the whole story to get an idea of what we’re about to deal with. As you probably know, in the first chapter Pennywise was defeated by a bunch of teenagers. At least that’s what they thought. Because in the final scene taking place over twenty years later, we seem the odious clown again and understand that he is somehow connected to one of the characters’ death. That means we need to step up against Pennywise again and it’s time to gather the old heroes together. They have already grown up, become smarter and more experienced. Maybe this time they will finally handle the threat?

It all begins when a couple of heroes, Adrian Mellon and his boyfriend, are strolling in the park and are being stopped by a gang of homophobes. Adrian is thrown off the bridge, but when his date runs to help him, he says the he has already been pulled out by a man in a clown costume. And before he can react to it somehow, the rescue bites off a piece of meat from Adrian and starts chewing it. The next day, after learning the terrible news, one of his childhood friends finds a shred of a red balloon with a note on it. He immediately calls the others. Each of them is now living a whole different life and don’t want to do anything with these new murders. But who else but them? So they have no other choice but to start investigate this case.

Can you predict what they are going to find out? Maybe you already watched the movie and now the ending of this story. But you can’t know for sure what the developers have prepared for you in the second chapter of It! You are going to face a number of challenges and riddles, overcome plenty of obstacles and fight numerous enemies. Play this amazing horror online and enjoy every creepy moment!