IT: Enter the Sewer

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In a small town, children suddenly begin to disappear. No one knows where they are, and not a single child has yet been found. But rumors don’t stand still. According to local legend, a terrible creature settled in the town – a clown who feeds on children’s fears. He has been living for many centuries and moves from one settlement to another in search of new victims – and, of course, to remain a secret. This time he chose your city. And already a lot of little tomboys disappeared without a trace in the den of this villain. You have to get inside his gloomy dwelling and try to save those who can still be – and kill the terrible monster.

To do this, you need to go on a dangerous and frightening journey through water pipes. Moreover, you will not just crawl along them, but will decrease in size and sail to your destination on a paper boat. The road ahead is not easy for you, because the boat constantly shakes and sways in the waves. Ahead now and then some obstacles come across, terrible objects float by, and the clown is probably hiding somewhere nearby. If you gape, he will certainly grab you, so you need to stay alert and carefully monitor everything that happens around. To get to the place where the antagonist keeps his victims, you will have to go through a huge number of levels, the complexity of which will increase. Remember that a clown is cunning and dangerous. It will appear on the screen at the very second when you will least expect it. Can you survive?