IT Chapter 3

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Every person who enjoys the genre of horror knows about the infernal clown named Pennywise who was terrorizing an American town scaring, kidnapping and eating children. In the first part of the game, the young heroes have found the monster’s liar and defeated him. They though they had dealt with the threat for good. But the evil has return. After twenty years, the mad clown appears again. He fills the neighborhood with this ‘business cards’ – red balloons. Each of them corresponds to an abducted child. There have already been many of such hints scattered around. That means it’s time for you to enter the scene and give fight to the murderous creature. Are you ready to do it? The mission will be a challenging one and once the clown realizes you’re on to him, he will do everything in his power to locate and kill you too. You have to be very careful and move as quietly as you can approaching the killer’s shelter. The red balloons will show you the way. Who knows, maybe you will save several innocent lives if you get there in time! Avoid running into your enemy, though, because he won’t give you any second chances. Aside from you, nobody can save the poor kids. The second chapter of It has already begun and it’s up to you how it’s going to end!